What is a Drumming Circle and how can attending, improve one’s life?

Drumming Circle person with drumThe Drumming Circles offered at Different Dimension Acres is simply a group of people who gather together to drum and connect. Each person brings their own drum. If you do not own a drum, we offer drum rentals or for purchase.

We start by introducing ourselves while also stating intent for attending the drumming circle. What does it mean to state intent? Intent is simply what you want to gain or experience while attending. We believe by stating intent gives the mind a sense of clarity which can allow one to obtain their outcome for attending. Intent can be anything from just wanting to connect with people, to experience a drumming circle or it could also be something related to personal growth. There is no right or wrong intent. Drumming circles are a great way to meet new people that can become lifelong friends, for enjoyment, entertainment or for personal growth.

Different Dimension Acres is a safe environment where everyone is respected for who they are. We believe no matter what you look like, the color of your skin, your religion, if disabled etc. at the core of all human beings everyone wants to be loved and accepted for who they are. Judgment and bullying is never acceptable and will not be tolerated. What is shared within the circle is private and we ask that it not be shared outside of the circle.

Drum purchases and rentals vary in price. See below