At Different Dimension Acres, you can enjoy some of the most amazing sunrises and sunset’s nature has to offer. Many visitors bring camera’s to capture these views or have their pictures taken with these wonderful views in the background.

SUNRISES start with a hint of baby blue and pink skies. As the sun continues to rise, colors change to vibrant orange and red. The sun is bright Sunrise picture at Different Dimension Acresand warming as it continues to rise and at that time you can see the wonderful rays of the sun shining down through the clouds. The air is fresh and crisp. Sitting next to the fire pit enjoying beverages and mingling with other guests can make for an amazing day. After the sun has risen we then gather for breakfast. Lifelong friendships can be made along with making plans to return to reconnect.

Sunset at cabin in Fruit Land UtahSUNSETS offer amazing views which overlook the largest Pinion Pine Forest in the world and peaks of Kings Peak which is the highest mountain peak in Utah. Guests can view from a short little walk to flat rocks or from the upper deck of the cabin where we have a small fire pit which sits on the upper deck. After the sun has gone down we then gather at the larger fire pit to connect or mingle with one another as the moon rises, stories are told along with gazing at the stars.

Some guests choose to enjoy both sunsets and sunrises while others choose one or the other. For those who choose to enjoy both, we offer camping where you can bring a trailer or tent.