Discovering one’s purpose, getting that answer so many of us ask ourselves
“Why are we here”
Connecting with one’s soul purpose has all be accomplished at
Different Dimension Acres
Cabin behind Pine Trees


DIFFERENT DIMENSION ACRES is a cabin on 5 acres tucked away in the largest unbroken stand of Pinion Pines in the entire world. Pinion pine trees are a variety of pine trees that hold a position of great importance to Native American tribes. Pinion trees are considered sacred by some tribes, and their sweet-smelling wood is burned as incense. Pinion nuts are an important food and are still collected today. Pinion pines also have spiritual importance in some tribes. Some Pueblo tribes used pine gum as protection against witchcraft.

When purchased the cabin had been vacant for 4 years, prior to becoming Different Dimension Acres. The first time the Founder, Shirley Allred, stepped onto this property it brought a smile to her face as she visualized herself twirling in circles with her hands raised high in the air.

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