DIFFERENT DIMENSION ACRES offers Hypnosis sessions both inside the cabin or outside in nature. Some find they are able to relax on a deeper level while inside with no distractions while others enjoy being in nature hearing the birds sing, the smell of the fresh air and the feel of the weather.

WHAT IS HYPNOSIS: Hypnosis is a natural state we all experience Hypnosis on a daily basis. Most are not aware they are in a hypnotic state as it is that natural. The hypnosis sessions offered by Different Dimension Acres are not like stage hypnosis.

Personal and Business coach in UtahDuring the hypnosis process, the conscious mind and body are relaxed. Each person will have a different experience while in trance. Some people will experience a total state of relaxation and others will feel very alert and in control. The success of hypnosis is dependent upon the ability to understand the process and the cooperation of the client.
Why can some people be hypnotized while others can not? There are many reasons that play into this question.
Fear – Some people fear the unknown and are simply not willing to go there. They may have picked up a belief they will lose control, and this is simply not so. The client is the one in control.
Rapport – If the client and the coach to not have rapport this can stop the client from trusting the coach or hypnotherapist.
It really comes down to the client. When the client trusts the coach or the hypnotherapist the client will be able to be hypnotized, even when this is true if the coach or hypnotherapist go’s against the client’s beliefs the client will become resistant and the session will stop at that point by the client.
Hypnosis is a form of tonality art, creativity and the art of language. Each hypnotherapist has their own approach depending on the hypnotherapist and the client. We will take a look at different types of hypnosis.
The first being stage hypnosis in which the hypnotist will ask the audience questions while watching their bodies, as this will assist them to know whom will be a good candidate to join them up on stage. Once up on stage, the hypnotist will continue to lead with a script to assist the person to be more relaxed. The person that is hypnotized on stage is totally aware of what is going on around them, they become childlike which means they can let go of judgment which makes for a good show and allows silliness and entertaining. Remember again, a person that is hypnotized will not do anything they would not do in a waking state. Again the hypnotist is not in charge the person is. This approach is more for entertainment and is not meant for therapeutic use, some hypnotist will give participates a gift of letting go of something or to give them a positive suggestion which can assist them in the future.
The second type of hypnosis is the Milton H. Erickson approach which can use the same techniques to bring the person into a relaxed state of mind. Milton H. Erickson developed the Ericksonian method in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Ericksonian hypnosis uses storytelling as a way to lead the person to gain a new perspective. These stories are called metaphors, which makes his method non-obvious to the person listening. The meanings and suggestions are hidden in the story being told. Waking state of hypnosis is when you have driven somewhere and do not remember the ride
The coma like state or the deepest state of hypnosis known as the Esdale state takes practice to achieve. The Esdale state is used for childbirth or surgery. The body responds like it would while under anesthesia.
There are many other forms of hypnosis which include, group hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and individual hypnosis. Depending on what the person is looking for will depend on the approach taken. When a person becomes in a relaxed state their mind will open to different frequencies.
Hypnosis is enjoyable and relaxing. It can be used for relaxing to relieve stress to be more resourceful in daily life.