Nothing but peace and quiet for as far as the eye can see.


DIFFERENT DIMENSION ACRES is a great place to meditate as it offers fabulous sceneries, fresh air with a scent of pine and cedar, located in the largest Pinion Pine Forest in the world, along with views of Kings Peak which is the highest peak in the state of Utah.

MEDITATION is an excellent way to get in touch with your inner world. It allows the mind to become calm and quiet. This allows the mind access to a higher and different frequency than used during our waking hours.

By quieting the mind it allows the body to slow down while still being in an awakened state. The benefit of this versus a sleeping state is it allows the mind to connect with the body which allows clear communication between the two while also allows one to remember the experience.

It is important for the mind body soul connection. During the day or in an awakened state our minds are busy thinking of task to be done, thinking of past experiences or what is needed for the future, to reach a goal you have set or an event and so on. When you meditate it brings you to the present moment, the here and now.

In the present moment, your body is calm, relaxed and receptive. Breathing is slowed which allows the body to absorb the nutrients of the air being brought into the body. It also allows for a deeper connection with the surrounding environment and all that is offered. It allows the body to release negative thoughts and toxins with the exhale.

Balance is a beneficial part of a healthy outlook on life. Meditating also allows the heart and mind to be as one, to work together as a team. While in an awakened state one is usually more active than the other. My heart says one thing while my mind is saying something else which brings more conflict then clarity to both the mind and body.

When the body is in conflict it can respond to stress, confusion, ailments and more. By meditating the body responds positively as the cells and organs feel listened to along with feeling loved and appreciated.

It is best to meditate in total silence. Having a tv, radio or even listening to a guided meditation can disrupt the flow of communication.

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