Shirley Allred with hands in the air. Success at Different Dimension AcresMy mission is to educate, assist and coach those who are ready and willing to own what beliefs they have made by the experiences they have had. To step out of a life they have known and step into a life that brings more joy, happiness, peace and self-love. Our beliefs bring us both positive and negative experiences within our everyday life.

My mission is to be there with you, to assist you to locate the beliefs that are working for you and those that are no longer working. To assist find clarity on what beliefs you want to keep and which ones no longer serve you. All of our beliefs were created by us through past experiences, both good and bad.

My mission is to guide then lead you on a path that brings you fulfillment and purpose. Just as a child grows both mentally and physically as an adult some of the beliefs we created at a younger age no longer serve us today. The beliefs we created from past experiences we created to protect ourselves at that time in our lives. Those old beliefs can have a negative effect on today as some of those beliefs can build walls that can stop us from enjoying life to the fullest. Being able to let down walls and defenses can allow us to attract what we want instead of the cycle we once knew and held onto.

My mission is to teach you how to love honor and cherish who you are and to bring forth what you really desire in life. This could be a number of things depending on your past experiences and the beliefs you have created. It’s about owning your part while also being gentle with yourself as you did what you knew to do at that time. It’s not fair to you to blame yourself when you have not been taught.

My mission is to show you how to have compassion for yourself and others just as you might for an innocent child who may be crying out due to being mistreated or bullied.

My mission is to teach, support and honor your decision while also asking questions that you may or may not find difficult to answer. They will be questions of depth and will make you think as you gain new insights about yourself.

My mission is to give you a safe, non-judgmental place to explore and discover your purpose by getting in touch with you on a core or soul level.