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Today is the day to hire Shirley as your life coachShirley Allred has made a name for herself in the business world when she started and ran a construction company for over 25 years. She obtained a mason’s license in the early 1990’s. She partnered with a gentleman and ran a concrete and tile business. Eventually, she ventured out on her own.
Shirley is self-taught as she learned to read blueprints, estimate while also sales work. Before starting the construction company she had taken a short course from Universal Accounting where she learned to perform double entry accounting and ran a bookkeeping business for construction companies.
When she started in construction she attempted to make it on the residential side of the construction field with not a lot of luck, then decided to enter into the commercial side with success. She then went back to school and received a Mastery in Hypnosis along with becoming a Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner from Anchor Point Institute. She continued learning other modalities as well. She found herself fascinated with the mind and how a person’s belief affected their life.
While running the construction company she started a group by the name of Personal Intuitive Management. She held monthly group classes each month offering a different topic, from procrastination to looking into one’s beliefs. She noticed how effective Personal Intuitive Management became then took those same principals into the business world and started Business Intuitive Management.
Apparently, Shirley likes challenges as she also co-created a call-in radio program out of California by the name of Lifestyles and Mindsets. Shirley answered questions pertaining to beliefs while her co-partner answered questions related to feng shui.
Shirley has always been a teacher at heart. Along with running a construction company, holding groups she also raised and taught her children to perform bookkeeping and or set tile, one of them she taught both.
Now that her children are all raised with families of their own she is once again onto a new journey as she went from the big city of Salt Lake City, Utah to moving to Fruitland, Utah where she lives off the grid as she is in the process of building a retreat for self-discovery.


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